Science behind attraction

Science behind attractionEyelash extensions Melbourne are affordable and popular fashion accessories for today’s well dressed woman. Eyelash extensions have become a trending fashion necessity for night time wear and for special occasions. An assessment is taken of your skin color and the nature of your eyes, in order to match the best eyelash extensions to your natural look. Eyelash extensions Melbourne are easily applied for a natural and improved fashion look. Extended lashes help create a more youthful and attractive facial appearance. They can be an important and modern fashion accessory, for those women who wish to give a mysterious and inviting look. read more

International Marketing new edition eBook

International Marketing KotabeThe textbook International Marketing 4th Edition by Maasaki Kotabe is intended for those who are going into business or marketing management, and will be dealing with a lot of international trade and foreign affairs. More likely than not, those who are searching for this book are doing so because they are required to have it for university studies, but even if not this book can still be highly beneficial to anyone looking to expand their business overseas, or who may have a base of foreign consumers. The book is organized into five parts with 16 total chapters covering the first four parts with case studies at the end of each chapter, making the book not only informational but also interactive, and then a glossary and index for further help. read more