Science behind attraction

Science behind attractionEyelash extensions Melbourne are affordable and popular fashion accessories for today’s well dressed woman. Eyelash extensions have become a trending fashion necessity for night time wear and for special occasions. An assessment is taken of your skin color and the nature of your eyes, in order to match the best eyelash extensions to your natural look. Eyelash extensions Melbourne are easily applied for a natural and improved fashion look. Extended lashes help create a more youthful and attractive facial appearance. They can be an important and modern fashion accessory, for those women who wish to give a mysterious and inviting look. read more

International Marketing new edition eBook

International Marketing KotabeThe textbook International Marketing 4th Edition by Maasaki Kotabe is intended for those who are going into business or marketing management, and will be dealing with a lot of international trade and foreign affairs. More likely than not, those who are searching for this book are doing so because they are required to have it for university studies, but even if not this book can still be highly beneficial to anyone looking to expand their business overseas, or who may have a base of foreign consumers. The book is organized into five parts with 16 total chapters covering the first four parts with case studies at the end of each chapter, making the book not only informational but also interactive, and then a glossary and index for further help. read more

Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting Do you have an accountant? How many accountants do you know? Any business, large or small, needs an accountant to maintain their financial records. Many people have accountants to maintain their personal finances, as well. Often, the specific workings of financials are like a foreign language to some and to others like beautiful music to their ears! Thus, there will always be a need for those who understand the meaning and processes of numbers. read more

What is Fluid Mechanics

Fluid MechanicsThe comprehensive Fluid Mechanics 7th Edition SI Version provides coverage to a number of Fluid Mechanic topics backed by examples and problems. Aside from offering an in depth analysis of the subject, the textbook also focuses on effective learning techniques designed to connect students to the real physical world. The concepts in Fluid Mechanics 7th Edition are well organized and explained using easy to understand phrases, before gradually advancing into more complicated problems and solutions. Fluid Mechanics 7th Edition SI Version is available in both digital and print version. The easy to access digital version of the textbook retails at $50.00; the E-text can be viewed both online and offline using electronic gadgets such as smart phones, iPads, computers and tablets. The two print versions of Fluid Mechanics 7th Edition are all registered under different ISBN numbers; the textbook retails at $116.76, while the textbook with WileyPLUS resources retails at $128.76. read more

Mental Health – new way to care

Mental-Health-CareMental Health Care An Introduction for Health Professionals in Australia 2nd Edition is a text listing some of the trials and tribulations nurses face in their jobs every day treating patients that need mental health treatment. It is also useful for already graduated health care professionals to use once they are out in the field treating patients in mental health treatment facilities or home care. read more

Excellent eBook for students seeking a deeper understanding of the basics of physics

Fundamentals of Physics extended 10th edition HallidayThe Fundamentals of Physics extended 10th Edition by David Halliday, Robert Resnick, and Jearl Walker is an excellent eBook for students seeking a deeper understanding of the basics of physics. It is easily readable and has a treasure trove of illustrations which help clarify the points being made. Many of the concepts addressed in this text are quite complex. Still the authors are able to explain those concepts in terms the average student can easily understand. It makes working through the ideas a lot of fun. read more

Accounting eBook for students studying accounting or business-related fields at the universit

Accounting Building Business Skills 4th Edition EbookThe Wiley Direct publishing company now offers you Accounting Building Business Skills 4th Edition ebook for an affordable price and downloadable to your computer, tablet, or smartphone once purchased. Ebooks are becoming a popular way to purchase textbooks since they are usually cheaper and can be stored on backup drives and cloud space if a computer or tablet breaks. They also aren’t susceptible to wear and tear, theft, or other damages that come with print books. Once you’ve purchased this ebook, it’s yours to own as long as you wish, but make sure you follow all applicable terms and conditions pertaining to your use and copyright laws. read more

Students of biology will benefit from the production of Professor Gerard J. Tortora and Doctor Bryan H. Derrickson’s

Principles of Anatomy PhysiologyStudents of biology will benefit from the production of Professor Gerard J. Tortora and Doctor Bryan H. Derrickson’s thirteenth edition of Principles of Anatomy and Physiology. This latest edition provides twenty-nine chapters of brilliant text and interactive illustrations that cover every subject from the composition of the human body, its myriad systems, and their basic functions. From the introduction of homeostasis to the explanation of reproduction and the subject of genetic inheritance, authors Tortora and Derrickson have outlined and created the perfect textbook for any Human Anatomy and Physiology course which is both attractive and accessible to the broad spectrum of biology students. read more

Calculus Mathematics eBook

Calculus single multivariableIn terms of getting the most out of any education, the text that is being used in the classroom can be just as important as the instructor who is present. Allowing students to gain insight into the material depends upon its presentation in addition to the kind of access and additional resources that they have on their side when they are studying in the home. This fact is never as pertinent as when dealing with mathematics. This subject is already abstract and difficult for many students. Having a text that deals with the concepts in a variety of ways while still providing feedback and multiple approaches can be invaluable when it comes to a student’s success. Teachers engaged in Calculus can count on a new and innovative text from Wiley Direct to be on their side when it comes to nourishing the young minds’ of their students. read more