Engineering Mathematics eBook new edition

advanced engineering mathematicsAdvanced Engineering Mathematics 10th Edition is a textbook written for those who will be majoring in engineering or other related fields. The textbook was originally written by Erwin Kreyszig, a mathematician and professor at several renowned universities including Stanford, Ohio State, University of Windsor, and Carleton, and he also served on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Mathematical Society. Hernan Kreyszig and Edward J. Norminton also co-author the book and the 10th edition has been modified and edited to contain the most up-to-date information for advanced engineering math. Engineering math is a complex learning process, but this textbook can help break the subject matter down into a little more of an organized format. read more

Linear Algebra eBook new edition

elementary linear algebra 11 editionElementary Linear Algebra Applications Version 11th Edition is an excellent book written by Howard Anton and Chris Rorres. The book deals heavily with introducing the student to the basic concepts of algebra. It contains a large section that introduces a student to the basic concepts of math. It also has an excellent section that shows students how math relates to the real world. This is important, because it means that students will know how math works, and will not have to spend their first year in algebra looking at symbols that they think has no relevance to the real world. read more

Marketing management eBook

marketing management the big pictureMarketing management is one generic discipline in business that lays it focus on various applications of business techniques which include marketing resources and marketing activities management. In this case therefore, the book Marketing management: The Big Picture offers the whole overview regarding the integrated strategy-through-execution process. This is the framework that will allow students to have a better understanding of strategic marketing as a system whereby changes in one aspect will tend to affect others. In the same case, strategic decisions also have executional consequences. read more