Accounting Building Business Skills 4th Edition EbookThe Wiley Direct publishing company now offers you Accounting Building Business Skills 4th Edition ebook for an affordable price and downloadable to your computer, tablet, or smartphone once purchased. Ebooks are becoming a popular way to purchase textbooks since they are usually cheaper and can be stored on backup drives and cloud space if a computer or tablet breaks. They also aren’t susceptible to wear and tear, theft, or other damages that come with print books. Once you’ve purchased this ebook, it’s yours to own as long as you wish, but make sure you follow all applicable terms and conditions pertaining to your use and copyright laws.

Accounting Building Business Skills 4th Edition eBook is geared towards students studying accounting or business-related fields at the university, and the chances are if you’re planning to study accounting, you just might be using this book. Most places you purchase your textbooks, including this one, will charge a ridiculously high price to add to your already high school bill, but at Wiley Direct you will get it for a low, affordable price you will not find anywhere else. This textbook will not only help you learn your course material, it is a handy tool to keep once you get into the real accounting world.

What makes the Accounting Building Business Skills 4th Edition ebook different from other textbooks? Most accounting books are dry and heavy weighted textbooks that can be difficult to read and hard to follow. This textbook however is easy to understand, especially if you’re a first-year student in accounting and need help grasping the accounting terminology. For each chapter, it is broken into organized parts that introduce the methods of accounting in an organized fashion that allows you to take it in one step at a time.

The chapters even contain previews from charts that show how the chapter is broken down, and how the important terms relate to each section. You also will have insight boxes that show you how the concepts you’re learning about work in the real business world. The book gives you the viewpoint of both a “user” and a “preparer”, two key individuals in the accounting world, and shows you how each accounting practice affects both of them. The book is written by highly qualified authors, some from Australia and some from the USA, who all are professors at notable universities and have made their mark in the financial world.

In addition to the Accounting Building Business Skills 4th Edition ebook, you can purchase the WileyPLUS to go with it. Even though the WileyPLUS is usually not required for your coursework, this supplemental material helps you get even more out of your textbook. It works as a kind of study lab that will give you even more options for applying your chapter terms and concepts, and it can help you be better prepared for your exams. This supplemental material does cost an extra fee to purchase, but it is highly recommended for all buyers to get a feel for their understanding of the content matter.

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