Calculus single multivariableIn terms of getting the most out of any education, the text that is being used in the classroom can be just as important as the instructor who is present. Allowing students to gain insight into the material depends upon its presentation in addition to the kind of access and additional resources that they have on their side when they are studying in the home. This fact is never as pertinent as when dealing with mathematics. This subject is already abstract and difficult for many students. Having a text that deals with the concepts in a variety of ways while still providing feedback and multiple approaches can be invaluable when it comes to a student’s success. Teachers engaged in Calculus can count on a new and innovative text from Wiley Direct to be on their side when it comes to nourishing the young minds’ of their students.

The Calculus Single and Multivariable 6th Edition offers all of the same advantages of the prior additions with new problems and examples that aid students in developing a conceptual understanding of Calculus. With this resource, students can do more than memorize formulas or become adept with only certain types of problems. This text allows students to grasp the foundations of mathematics that equip them to apply their knowledge to a wide range of mathematical problems that will challenge them in the future. Additionally, the Calculus Single and Multivariable 6th Edition gives students the skills needed to expand the mathematical foundation that is required to move into higher levels of math that expand on the skills they are currently acquiring.

This Calculus textbook is available to instructors and students in both hard copies and in a digital format. The digital option comes with extended resources that are designed to help students succeed as well. The standard text is supplemented with WileyPLUS access for an extremely affordable price. The additional program gives students access to a wide range of self-study tools that expands the potential of every student concerned. The eText is also highly sophisticated across a number of platforms. Bookmarks, highlights, and notes are all maintained as you move the text from various computers to any number of tablets or digital devices. There is no smarter way to tackle Calculus.

The Calculus Single and Multivariable 6th Edition offers some considerable advantages as well. In addition to the competitive pricing, the text comes in a binder-ready format, allowing you to bring only the pages that you require to class. The study guides and the option of taking advantage of WileyPLUS are all standard with any hard copy order as well. With this text’s modern approach, students are engaged based on a number of different learning styles. The content is brought to students using visual, verbal, and algebraic approaches that help to ensure their success. Each section in the text also offers a Quick Check option for immediate feedback on Calculus concepts. Among the new features of this edition are the Drill Exercises that help to build the confidence of learners and step-by-step instructions that breakdown concepts into small fragments that can be better understood by students.

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