Fluid MechanicsThe comprehensive Fluid Mechanics 7th Edition SI Version provides coverage to a number of Fluid Mechanic topics backed by examples and problems. Aside from offering an in depth analysis of the subject, the textbook also focuses on effective learning techniques designed to connect students to the real physical world. The concepts in Fluid Mechanics 7th Edition are well organized and explained using easy to understand phrases, before gradually advancing into more complicated problems and solutions. Fluid Mechanics 7th Edition SI Version is available in both digital and print version. The easy to access digital version of the textbook retails at $50.00; the E-text can be viewed both online and offline using electronic gadgets such as smart phones, iPads, computers and tablets. The two print versions of Fluid Mechanics 7th Edition are all registered under different ISBN numbers; the textbook retails at $116.76, while the textbook with WileyPLUS resources retails at $128.76.

The Fluid Mechanics 7th Edition SI Version textbook features clearly examples written using a user friendly layout. The Fluid Mechanics 7th Edition textbook with WileyPLUS, contains both the course textbook and the resourceful, WileyPLUS package. WileyPLUS allows users to access the online version of the textbook, plus a wealth of interactive iStudy materials. WileyPLUS also contains a large number of practical tests designed to help student pass their final exams as well as periodical assessment tests. To make the experience of using this resource much more tenable and pleasant, WileyPLUS Fluid Mechanics 7th Edition SI Version covers a wide variety of problems with instant feedbacks. The authors of Fluid Mechanics 7th Edition are Bruce R. Munson, Alric P. Rothmayer, Theodore H. Okiishi and Wade W. Huebsch. Dr. Munson is a renowned professor of Engineering Mechanics at Iowa State University, Dr. Munson has previously taught at the University of Minnesota and Purdue University. Theodore H. Okiishi teaches at Iowa State University in Ames. Wade Huebsch, on the other hand, is a professor at the University of West Virginia in Morgantown.

What is a fluid?

In keeping up with the tradition of providing real life solutions to problems, Fluid Mechanics 7th Edition SI Version comes with a number of interactive and engaging videos, real world photos as well as new problem models. These additions, are all designed to provide students and teachers with concepts and materials aimed at horning their skills. In addition to providing them with practical knowledge to compete in today’s marketplace. The most outstanding features about the new Fluid Mechanics 7th Edition can be summed as: the inclusion of Learning objectives at the beginning of each study chapter; the addition of hundreds of back-up videos, illustrations and photos meant to help students visualize concepts and the addition of compelling fluids stories. The problem solving aspect of the textbook comes with examples and commentaries. The emphasis placed on homework problems, is aimed at getting solutions to simple and complex problems. To cement its commitment to higher education, Wiley operates the Wiley Affordability Program that is dedicated to provide Wiley resources to students and teachers at affordable rates.