International Marketing KotabeThe textbook International Marketing 4th Edition by Maasaki Kotabe is intended for those who are going into business or marketing management, and will be dealing with a lot of international trade and foreign affairs. More likely than not, those who are searching for this book are doing so because they are required to have it for university studies, but even if not this book can still be highly beneficial to anyone looking to expand their business overseas, or who may have a base of foreign consumers. The book is organized into five parts with 16 total chapters covering the first four parts with case studies at the end of each chapter, making the book not only informational but also interactive, and then a glossary and index for further help.

The International Marketing Kotabe starts off introducing its readers to the foreign climate in marketing. The readers get a feel for how certain economic and political barriers may impact their business with different countries, the effects of cultural differences, and how they can better understand their target group. The book then goes on in how to research the international markets that the readers will be entering, how to build an international marketing strategy, communication issues, logistical issues, and pricing. The case studies take the reader through real case scenarios to help stretch their thinking and give them an idea of what it’s like to work across international lines.

International Marketing Kotabe is written by highly qualified and knowledgeable individuals, all of whom have worked extensively in the field. Dr. Masaaki Kotabe got his PhD in International Business Marketing at Michigan State University and has taught and served at other renowned institutions as head of their business departments or as a director of research. He has also tapped the foreign trade waters and worked closely with some of the largest telecom companies in the world, and even served on committees with the UN and World Trade Organization.

Co-author Kathleen Griffiths, who teaches at RMIT University in Melbourne, is also a highly experienced brand marketer. She has put together some winning teams for international marketing competitions and has won awards for top teaching throughout her career. She has traveled extensively to the European and Asian markets and has studied first-hand the different cultures of those markets. Other contributing authors include Al Marshall, Swee Hoon Ang, Ranjit Voola, and Robin E. Roberts, all of whom teach at some of the most reputable universities throughout the globe, and some of whom have contributed to other well-known business textbooks.

Buyers can purchase International Marketing Kotabe in one of three formats, hardcover, loose leaf, or e-text. The e-text is by far the preferred way to purchase it because it can be bought directly from Wiley for about half the price as a hardcover, and the e-file can be downloaded to just about any electronic reader, tablet, iPad, or smartphone and the buyer owns it for life. The price is very reasonable and well worth the purchase.