Principles of Anatomy PhysiologyStudents of biology will benefit from the production of Professor Gerard J. Tortora and Doctor Bryan H. Derrickson’s thirteenth edition of Principles of Anatomy and Physiology. This latest edition provides twenty-nine chapters of brilliant text and interactive illustrations that cover every subject from the composition of the human body, its myriad systems, and their basic functions. From the introduction of homeostasis to the explanation of reproduction and the subject of genetic inheritance, authors Tortora and Derrickson have outlined and created the perfect textbook for any Human Anatomy and Physiology course which is both attractive and accessible to the broad spectrum of biology students.

Most appealing as a learning platform, Principles of Anatomy and Physiology, thirteenth edition comes packaged with WileyPLUS, an interactive multimedia approach to the subject and study of human anatomy and physiology. WileyPLUS provides videos of cadavers and other interactive animations which further illustrate the intricacies of human anatomy and physiology for the contemporary student. In addition to these helpful features, WileyPLUS includes supplementary short lectures on the twenty-nine covered topics. All together these features appeal to visual and auditory learners while the chapter reviews, self-quiz questions, and laboratory experiments engage the kinetic learner.

The text is available through Wiley Direct in several formats. Since Wiley Direct supports the availability of the text to students, they offer a rental option in addition to its sale of digital and print versions. Students can rent a digital copy of the text for thirty consecutive days which is accessible through e-readers and the Wiley Direct website. This is perfect for condensed semester courses or students who only require the text for a short time. Students who prefer greater access to the text and the additional support of multimedia learning tools can purchase a digital copy either with or without WileyPLUS.

Traditional students will prefer a label print version of the text and Wiley Direct offers two print options for their use. The first is considered a Binder-Ready version and provides each chapter as a separate loose-leaf section which the student can take to class in order to refer to pertinent information without the cumbersome weight of the complete text. The second option is the hardback textbook itself. From cover to cover students can reference the chapter index and multiple appendices for even more up-to-date information on the subject. Both print versions come with WileyPLUS included. As an added bonus Wiley Direct provides free shipping in Australia for either print option.

Finally, authors Tortora and Derrickson in conjunction with Wiley Direct have created the perfect 21st century approach to studying human anatomy and physiology. It is a colorful, comprehensive text with a variety of study tools that appeal to every type of learner. Courtesy of Wiley Direct, there is a version of the text for every course structure and student preference. The information is timely, organized, and engaging. All together, Principles of Anatomy and Physiology, thirteenth edition provides the flexibility, variety, and simplicity necessary for contemporary learning.

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