learn-onlineIn the recent past, learning has shifted fast from physical classrooms to online classes. Millions of students are opting for online classes because of the various benefits these classes offer. Some people are also advocating against online classes because of some reasons. This blog is going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of online learning to students.

  1. Lower total costs
    Fees for online courses are, generally, lower than the fees for traditional classes. This means that the classes are open to a wider range of students especially those from poor backgrounds. With lower fees, the student is able to afford a better lifestyle and also pay comfortably for other expenses. Students also have access to online libraries which means lesser expenditure on texts books and other course materials.
  2. Variety of courses and programs
    Colleges in some areas do not offer certain courses. Students interested in taking those courses are forced to travel far so as to get colleges offering those courses. With online education, you will get access to a wide variety of courses without having to travel even a single mile out of your home.
  3. Comfortable learning environment
    Traditional classroom is not a comfortable place for everyone. Many students get discriminated against or bullied in these classes. When you opt for learnon, you are able to study from where you feel you are comfortable at. There will also be lesser chance of other students bullying or discriminating against you. You also don’t have to fight heavy traffic on your way to class nor fight for the few parking slots at the college.
  4. It is convenient and flexible
    If you are doing an online course, you have the freedom to plan your study time at the times you feel are the best for you. This can be early in the day, evening or even late at night. With physical classes, students never have such freedom. Traditional classes have pre-determined times and students must adhere to them. Students who learn online can, therefore, balance their time easily between classes, work and family.
  1. More interaction especially for shy students
    Shy students taking online courses are able to easily interact with the lecturer or other students as compared to one who attends traditional classes. This helps such students to learn better and benefit from the classes.
  2. Greater ability to concentrate
    Whether you are attending live class or a recorded class, you are always in the front row seat. You have a clear view of the writing board and the lecturer is also audible. This is unlike traditional learning where noise from other students may make the lecturer inaudible.
  3. Helps with career advancement
    Since online learning is flexible, you are able to take courses while working. The courses will hardly affect your working time. You can also take courses while you are on a family leave or when in between jobs. These classes will help you advance your career by learning new skills, and even earn you promotions.
  4. Avoid Commuting and missing classes
    With online classes, you don’t have to commute to attend classes. This means you will also not incur the costs associated with commuting. Commuting can be difficult especially during extreme weathers and peak hours. These problems are not there if you opt to learn online.
  5. Poor personal development
    Generally, an online class has hundreds or even thousands of students. A student cannot interact effectively with other students nor make friends. This hinders personal development of the student. In traditional schools, students learn how to make friends, compete and even get rid of disappointment. Competition helps to stimulate students.
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  6. Poor discussion
    With large online classes, students are not able to fully participate in discussions. Other students will also find it cumbersome to follow a discussion in which hundreds of students are involved. You will also find many students raising the same points therefore wasting time. With traditional classrooms, lecturers are able to create useful discussions. If the class is big, he or she will usually divide the class into groups.
  7. Difficulty doing practical courses
    Online classes fail greatly when it comes to offering practical courses. Usually, the lecturer will assume every student has the materials needed for the course which is not always the case. With traditional classes, the school provides the materials and hence all students will be at par.

Basically, online classes have several advantages and benefits to students compared to the disadvantages. It is, therefore, recommended to students who are not in the position to attend traditional classes. Certificates and skills from these classes will definitely help in advancing your career.