Financial Accounting Do you have an accountant? How many accountants do you know? Any business, large or small, needs an accountant to maintain their financial records. Many people have accountants to maintain their personal finances, as well. Often, the specific workings of financials are like a foreign language to some and to others like beautiful music to their ears! Thus, there will always be a need for those who understand the meaning and processes of numbers.

Accounting is a series of processes used to maintain financial order of monies coming and going within a personal or business setting. In fact, according to business, accounting is defined as, “a systematic process of identifying, recording, measuring, classifying, verifying, summarizing, interpreting and communicating financial information that reveals profit or loss for a given period and the value of a firm’s assists, liabilities and the owners’ equity.” So, in essence, there are many parts to accounting. The textbook in any course is integral to the student’s learning. The Financial Accounting 9th Edition textbook is one suggested by Wiley Direct. In reviewing the description of the textbook, it is obvious that the material contained within the textbook in presented in a way that is conducive to learning and ultimately understanding. This financial accounting textbook is coupled with aides, one for instructors and one for students. Consequently, the resources provided in addition to the textbook, are key in the student’s success in learning the basics of accounting. When one purchases the Financial Accounting 9th Edition textbook, they will have the option to utilize the companion site. The instructor companion site offers accounting weekly updates, an instructor’s and a solutions manual, PowerPoint presentations and test banks. The student companion site provides several resources, as well, including PowerPoint presentations, textbook appendices, practice exercises, key figures checklist and solutions. These tools for success are provided to the accounting student and are unique to this textbook, Financial Accounting 9th Edition.

As you can see, this accounting textbook available by Wiley Direct, is something that any professor, who is teaching accounting, should chose as their primary resource for their classroom, whether it be online or in person. As a student, the Financial Accounting 9th Edition, is a textbook that will provide everything needed to become well versed in the field of accounting. This textbook has been developed to include the “Wiley Advantage” which is merely three simple steps, read it, see it and do it. In following this practical setup, students are taken though the steps of each of the accounting principals in a way that is simple, yet clearly defined. As additional aides for even more success in learning the principals of accounting, there are several other resources that go along with the textbook. Each of these items are listed with descriptions on the website where the textbook and all of its amazing and beneficial features are described. Financial Accounting 9th Edition, the only accounting textbook ever needed. Be sure to get a copy today and then get started crunching those numbers!