Mental-Health-CareMental Health Care An Introduction for Health Professionals in Australia 2nd Edition is a text listing some of the trials and tribulations nurses face in their jobs every day treating patients that need mental health treatment. It is also useful for already graduated health care professionals to use once they are out in the field treating patients in mental health treatment facilities or home care.

Mental Health – new way to care

Mental Health Care Hungerford, is an adaptation of another book by Harrison and Hart entitled Mental Health Care for Nurses. One of the authors, Catherine Hungerford, is the Convenor of Mental Health Care Nursing classes at the University of Canberra and teaches mental health to undergraduates.
Mental Health Care 2nd Edition is written for the use of teaching mental health care for non-specialist courses and is good for teaching nursing and related disciplines who are undergraduates. It is a second year related text that is usually used as a core subject for not only nurses, but also for paramedics, therapists, and related health care practitioners.
Mental Health Care 2nd Edition is meant to teach them how to help patients dealing with mental health problems who are in a care place setting. This doesn’t mean a hospital setting, as Australian health care practitioners such as nurses may not be taking care of mental patients in a hospital setting.

eBook Provides Clear, Short Explanations Mental Health Care 2nd Edition provides students with definitions of the medical terms used in mental health treatment and care. There is a glossary, as well as definitions in the margins of the book. It is laid out in a user-friendly method that is easy for students to follow along in.
There are also several examples of case studies and practice related instances used to help discuss mental health treatment methods. There are also exercises to do and images to show a clear picture of what is being discussed in this Mental Health Care Hungerford edition, as well as a discussion of mental health theories. These will all be beneficial in many ways no matter what diverse cultural background the students, graduated nurses or patients are from.

Version Available

There is also an e-text version of the book available that can be used both online and offline. It works on an iPad, computer, smartphone or tablet. Notes can be taken on it as well for convenience of the students.

Some of the text contents topics include: the provision of mental health treatment in Australia, caring for mental health patients, legal and ethical concerns, culturally appropriate care, caring for those with depression, self-harming, substance abuse or other challenges, etc.
The bottom line is that Mental Health Care An Introduction for Health Professionals in Australia 2nd Edition is a book that is used in teaching mental health treatment and concerns to nurses and other health care practitioners. It is also used by professionals in the health care field to assist in their practices.