There are quite a lot of myths that appear from cyber safety for kids. But you do have to wonder, are all of these true or not? As always, you should know that while some of the info is true, there are quite a lot of myths which just aren’t true to begin with. With that in mind, let’s see which ones are true and which ones are not.

It’s very dangerous to post pictures with your child online

As long as you limit the audience use the proper privacy settings and never ID your child, you will be safe. Obviously, you shouldn’t rush your kid into social media to begin with. Yes, it can be a pleasant experience but it can be a very demanding one so you should avoid that to begin with. Once you address these concerns there will be nothing to worry about. So you are safe, as long as you have the right approach towards this!

Social media will alienate kids

There are many situations when social media will indeed alienate kids. So yes, this myth is true and everyone will appreciate it quite a bit. Not only will it offer an incredible value, but the experience will be second to none due to that. Around 57% of all teens make new friends online and this is just a fun and exciting environment for both of them.

Teaching kids not to talk with strangers can help them online

Yes, this is true. Expanding their circle should be done via meeting new people that are friends with their current friends. It’s a great way to make sure that your child won’t talk with stranger but he still gets to meet some new people to begin with.

Social media can turn kids into cyberbullies

This will happen all the time, so you have to be very careful to the type of content that your child gets exposed to. If you are not careful, you will see that your child can easily get bullied or he can bully others. Just because he is in front of a screen and not face to face with a person that doesn’t mean that he can’t hurt the feelings of another person.

You can leave your child in front of the computer and he will be safe

Children are curious, so you can never guarantee cyber safety for kids in situations like this. Make sure that you take care of your child when he goes online. It’s really challenging to do this and in the end the experience will be very well worth it in the end.

Sure, it will take a bit until you find the right safety plan for your child but results can pay off very well. All you have to do is to take your time and the experience will be worth it. Of course, that does mean you should consider any possible option, even if it might be time consuming! You do want to take proper care of your child while he is online, after all!