advanced engineering mathematicsAdvanced Engineering Mathematics 10th Edition is a textbook written for those who will be majoring in engineering or other related fields. The textbook was originally written by Erwin Kreyszig, a mathematician and professor at several renowned universities including Stanford, Ohio State, University of Windsor, and Carleton, and he also served on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Mathematical Society. Hernan Kreyszig and Edward J. Norminton also co-author the book and the 10th edition has been modified and edited to contain the most up-to-date information for advanced engineering math. Engineering math is a complex learning process, but this textbook can help break the subject matter down into a little more of an organized format.

Advanced Engineering Mathematics 10th Edition takes you through a comprehensive list of formulas, equations, and different functions involved with the structures of advanced engineering problems. The book will start out by covering ordinary differential equations, move on to linear algebra problems and vector calculus, fourier analysis, numeric analysis, and optimization graphs. Each chapter of the book uses examples and practice exercises for the student to work with each problem, and it also has appendixes and an index at the end to help students find material when they need it.

While the book does present the subject matter in a readable manner, the courses it is used for probably should not be taken without first taking regular calculus, statistics, and other courses dealing with differential equations and integrating logic. While most courses have prerequisites listed, you may want to consult your instructor to see if they recommend taking another mathematics course prior to taking the course that uses this book. And while the book does go through each concept and problem by tying them in together, you should plan to spend enough time thoroughly reading and reviewing all of the concepts to fully get a handle on them. You may also want to check with your instructor for supplemental materials and other problem sets that can make the textbook problems easier to understand, or purchase the WileyPLUS material even if it isn’t required.

The WileyPLUS companion guide takes you through each chapter of the Advanced Engineering Mathematics 10th Edition textbook in an interactive format. This companion guide makes learning the subject much easier and tests your knowledge with the practice problems, as well as providing feedback to explain problem areas. The extra fee to purchase this companion guide is small and WileyPLUS can be purchased in an all-in-one package with the textbook.

You can find this book at Wiley Direct and purchase it for a cheaper price than what you’ll find at other retailers, and possibly even cheaper than some rental prices. You also have the option to purchase the etext version which makes navigating through the material even easier, and it can be saved on your laptop, tablet, smart phone, or other electronic reading devices. For instructors, the Advanced Engineering Mathematics 10th Edition also comes with the instructor’s manual and other resources to help with presenting the subject matter.

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