Teaching-and-learningWileyPLUS Learning Space is a platform designed to greatly optimize and improve the outcomes of learning by empowering both students and teachers. Through its very engaging environment, the students are motivated to improve their independence in the learning process, and it also helps teachers get the insight into how to focus the students’ attention to the objectives of learning in the most efficient way possible. Wileyplus gives teachers the opportunity Identify early, then find the way to facilitate engagement and finally measure outcomes to ensure the student’s success.


The first stage that Wileyplus includes, as mentioned above, is the early identification and overview of class activity in order to help the struggling students. This analysis includes the rate of completion for activities that are non- assigned, such as practice sets or reading e- textbooks. Then, the participation rate for each student including class discussions, collaboration in activities, etc. Another factor is their time spent on Wileyplus learning space, and finally the total grade of each student. Wileyplus in this way helps teachers identify which students have trouble keeping up with the assignments, so they can pay extra attention to them.
The second stage of Wileyplus learning space deals with the facilitation of the engagement of students through e- textbooks of a collaborative character, personalization of courses, and providing a highly organized and unique system of learning. Each student is encouraged to add notes to his or her e- textbook thus personalizing the learning experience. Wileyplus provides students with e-textbooks that include chapters all of which are connected to one or more learning objectives, and moreover, associated with a rich selection of media, illustrations and photos. The section “My Notes” in Wileyplus learning space helps students follow the learning process as effective as possible through encouraging them to personalize it. Both the Wileyplus content and all of students’ notes, are directly included into the “My Notes” section that every student can create. This section could be personalized even further by adding filtering and personal tags.

The final stage within the Wileyplus learning space is forming the students’ performance report that continuously evaluates the progress of each student in accordance to the learning objectives. This performance score report tracks the number of correct questions out of the number of attempted. If a certain learning objective includes 50 questions but it took for example, 70 attempts to get all of them correct, then the score of performance will be 50/70. What this score can reveal is which students stand out as the best of the class, and answered most of the questions correctly in their first attempt, and to which the teachers need to dedicate more time and attention. By converting a Performance score that Wileyplus gives you into a percentage, you will not get what the overall proficiency score is. Performance score is simply a number of correct and incorrect answers and does not include the consideration of all the details of the proficiency evaluation.
It is safe to say that Wileyplus learning space is the future of education and in will transform learning into a dynamic and colorful experience.